Eden Hazard Plays Football with the Ball Boy

Posted By on Jan 23, 2013

Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy in the ribs

Eden Hazard (CHEALSEA FOOTBALLER) will almost certainly face considerable suspension following this evenings Capital One Cup tie against Swansea. Hazard appeared to lash out at a ball boy during towards the end of the second half in what looks like to be a fit of rage as Hazard panicked to retrieve the ball as Chelsea chased the game.

The little Belgian sprinted to the sideline to obtain the ball from the young fella but the unsuspecting ball boy (most likely a Swansea fan) appeared to smother the ball and prevent Hazard from promptly getting the game back under way. So like any footballer Hazard used his feet to “poke” the ball out from under the ball boy.

Either way the ball boy is either extremely slow at his job or Hazard is just a tad impatient! The result was a red card for the Chealse winger.

Here is what the Ball Boy AKA Charlie Morgan Tweeted before the game

Charlie Morgan Tweet

I let you judge for yourself. Who over reacted, the ref? or the ball boy?

Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy in the ribs

#PrayForTheBallBoy #BallBoy #Hazard #CFC

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