How not to use twitter when dealing with a customer complaint

Posted By on Nov 13, 2012

We all know how powerful twitter can be as an Online PR tool to spread the word and it can also be used to illustrate how we are perceived both online and in the real world by the public. It is not however a tool that should be used by a business to take a personal swipe at customer…

This is what a Cafe food hall and wine bar in Ranelagh did. By the looks of things Cinnamon are new to twitter having sent only a handful of tweets to date. This may be a clue to why they reacted in such a way, maybe they didn’t think their tweet would go viral?

Anyway the story goes that Se├ín Mongey was left waiting 40 minutes for his order so he got inpatient and took to twitter to let Cinnamon know that he was a little peeved at the poor service. In most circumstance a complaint like this would be responded to with an apology but instead the conversation got a little heated very quickly. The person tweeting on behalf of Cinnamon called their inpatient customer an “arsehole”…

@cinnamon_D6 Twitter feed

The tweet was picked up immediately by many media outlets including the Irish Times and Silicone Republic which lead to Cinnamon issuing an apology on their facebook page stating that “the person responsible has been dealt with and disciplinary action has been taken”.

Cinnamon Facebook Apology

So what is the fall out from all this? Well the restaurant will probably come out on top having already increased their twitter following by 400% as a direct result of the publicity generated by the tweet but what I did find interesting is that another tweet that was sent in relation this that got no coverage, was this tweet sent by the same tweeter than tweeted form the Cinnamon_D6 account? Who knows but this tweet was not deleted until well after the apology had been issued. Have your say by commenting below.

Moral of the story: Ensure that your business has a social media policy in place to avoid confrontation like this.

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