How to make 800 techies perform Riverdance and the Haka Simultaneously around Dublin on a Sunday Friday afternoon in October.

Posted By on Oct 14, 2015

Step 1
Be approached by a dot com entrepreneur (co-founder of Tom Kennedy) seeking for assistance to design a unique social event in Dublin for up to 1,500 people from the foreign and indigenous tech sector with a large fundraising component. The event needs to be a large scale challenging yet not completely skills based event with more emphasis on elements of fun and social competitiveness. The integration of technology was key.

Step 2
Agree to work with the brief and then develop and test a concept of combining freely available social technology with a traditional style treasure hunt.

Step 3
Source a venue that will house up to 1,500 people. Dress the room appropriately in funky colours and partner with a reputable in house AV company.

Step 4
Invite 100 tech companies to enter teams to take part and compete in a special annual event on condition they hold fund raisers for Temple Street Hospital.

Step 5
Send them out onto the streets of Dublin armed with a booklet, map, clipboard, pen, selfie stick and their own smartphone preloaded with twitter.

Step 6
Ensure to have enough stimulating team tasks dotted around the city to keep the teams engaged and full of enthusiasm throughout the event.

Step 7
Send a tweet

Turn up the volume and enjoy

Step 8
That went well, lets try another….

Result again!

Techies4TempleStreet 2015 was Ireland’s first ever charity event uniting the technology community, it’s trusted advisors and partners, to network and compete in an intellectually challenging treasure trail while making an impact to the lives of the next generation of techies. The first Techies4TempleStreet event took place on 2nd October 2015 in Dublin and has raised in excess of €200,000 for Temple Street Hospital in it’s first annual event.

For more on Techies4TempleStreet see Dynamic Events

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