“Thank you Tesco” Scam. Stop and think before you click.

Posted By on Nov 19, 2012

It never ceases to amuse me at the amount of people on facebook who are constantly drawn in by these silly link building scams that tempt users to click on them to make them go viral. The most recent one I saw which is cropping up again is the “Thank You Tesco” facebook scam. This is the one where a fake website pretending to be Tesco tells the user that all they have to do is share their link on facebook and they will give you a €500 voucher. Come on now lads how can you be falling for something so silly.

The two “magic” steps to get that much needed voucher just in time for Christmas are:

Step 1:For Human Verification Please share this on Facebook

Step 2: Write “Thank you Tesco” and click on the comment below

At the time of writing this particular one from “bigbumperprize.com” (pretending to be Tesco) had attracted 334 shares. That’s 334 people who were conned into thinking that Tesco were giving away free €500 vouchers willy nilly, these 334 people also spammed everyone on their friends list by posting a nonsensical link to a nonsensical page in the facebook news feed. If it is too good to be true then it’s a scam. Doing this type of thing can also in a lot of cases harm your computer or compromise your private data or personal information that is stored on your computer as these pages can quite often infect your hard drive with a virus. So the moral of the story is stop and think before clicking.

"Thank you Tesco" Scam

The resultant share shows up like this in the newsfeed for everyone to see

Get a free €500 Tesco voucher Now. (Limited Promo)

Other variations of similar scams include:

  • [DISTRESSING] At 16, she did THIS in public high school, EVERY day! How foolish!.
  • At 15, she did that in public high school every day! how terrible!!
  • [Bizarre] At 13, she publically did this EVERY day! How obscene …

[Bizarre] At 13, she publically did this EVERY day! How obscene!!

The user’s curiosity gets the better of them and they blindly click on the link to find out the details of the fake story about the fake girl. Do yourself and your friends a favour and stop clicking and sharing. So tell us have you ever fallen for one of these scams??

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